Hey, what’s up, hello!


Hi! I’m Xavier D’Leau, but you can call me X.D. or big daddy if ya nasty… or not. It’s cool. Welcome to my new e-home. It’s nice and shiny, right? Can you smell the brand new paint smell?! I figured it was time to move into a new e-home, as the other one was getting cramped, and the other spots’ leases were up.

Anydamnway, I’m what’s known as a slasher. I guess I can explain what that means with three definitions

A slasher is someone who is capable of doing a myriad of things. You may have seen it set up by someone who is an actor/dancer/singer/songwriter 
“Someone who lies about what they do but has no real job.” – A hater ass bitch.
A dope motherfucker

I plan on sharing my thoughts, work, pics, and chicken all here on this site. Feel free to interact with me and enjoy!



I have a more formal bio over on my About.me or whatever.

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I am a social person..sort of.