#XD30 – Ten – Here

…picking back up where we left off…

“You have to be real cool, Dad. Don’t tell her any of those corny jokes you tell us.”

“They made you laugh, right?”

Alexander continued to fix his father’s tie before he went to pick up Diana for dinner and dancing. Vann had watched nothing but movies with Billy Dee Williams in it to ensure he could impress and woo the object of his affection.

On the way to Diana’s house, Vann picks up a bouquet of lillies. He heard through the grapevine at church that those were her favorite. Well, not really the grapevine. She kept a fresh bouquet of them on her desk in the pastor’s office.


He pulled up to the house, and parked the car. He smelled that smell again.

He smiled.

He then rang the doorbell.


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