Vann was a nerd. He had thick coke bottle glasses, but he always stayed in a fly adidas track suit and the freshest sneakers. He was known as the “Flyest Kid in Wood Shop” at Dunbar High School. He also had the crush on the the pretty girl with cocoa skin in home room. Sarah Cunningham had shoulder length hair and was always seemed to float across campus. Vann was enamored with just the thought of her. He would always get the urge to speak, but everyone would tease him about his nervousness and he would just shy away.

In the 10th grade, Vann opened his lunch and found a note.

Just tell her hi. – Love, Dad.

Vann sucked it up, walked over to the table where she was sitting and said, ” Hi, I’m Vann. I think you’re really pretty and I wanted to know if you wanted to go with me to get a burger and the record store after school today.” His palms were drenched with sweat and just as he began to turn green, Sarah smiled.

“It depends. Where are we getting the burgers from?”

“Arthur’s. Where else?”

Vann studied and knew the object of my affection more than anyone and before he ever had a conversation with.

“Alright. Deal.”

Vann walked away with the hugest smile on his surprisingly acne free face, and went to class. Wood Shop. Vann made a pin fashioned into a shape of a rose to give to Sarah on their impending date in a few hours.

She wore the pin on their wedding day.

She wore the pin at her funeral.

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