Two bag lunches sat on the kitchen table with a note inside each.

Tell her “Hi” – Love, Dad.

Don’t trade your sandwich for an extra pudding pack again. – Love, Dad.

Vann packed his kids lunch and made them breakfast every morning before they went to school. Vann, jr. was old enough to make his own breakfast and lunch, but Vann found joy in doing so. Vann Jr liked his eggs sunny side up with grits and a slice of wheat toast — a simple meal for a growing 12 year old. Alexander liked his eggs scrambled with cheese and toast because that’s the way they ate breakfast on The Fairy Godparents. It was hard pleasing an 8 year old.

Vann watched his kids get on the bus for school before going to work out in the wood shed. Vann Wilson was the top furniture designer in the Carolinas and business was in demand more than ever. He was pressured to sell, but that required more work and less time away from the boys. The boys already lost one parent, there was no need to have them lose another.

On the way to the shed, Vann smelled a familiar smell. A smell he smelled every morning on his way to work for the past 8 years. He closed his eyes, inhaled, exhaled, and smiled.

“Good Morning to you too, Sarah.”


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