My mother wasn’t supposed to have children.  She was told by a doctor in 1985 that I wasn’t supposed to happen. She calls me her miracle baby. When I was several months old, a woman stopped my mother in a store while I was in a stroller. The woman looked at me and then looked at her. “This is a special child. He’s going to do great things,” she said. My mother believed it. Today is my birthday, and I believe it too.

I thought about what to write for the longest. I thought what epic, award-winning, gut wrenching post could I write that would define this milestone, this…moment. But, then I realized the ability to even write and just being able to exist is platinum in the hood. Now that I’m here, things all of a sudden seem less complicated, less convoluted, less cluttered. Clear, even.

I’m just happy to be here.


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